Without a doubt, mobile devices are changing the way people consume media. At Easyways, we offer a variety of Sea Forwarding services including:

Sea Frowarding : We will optimize your site for local search. Being recognized and found in local searches is critical to the success of businesses with a physical store location. Sea Frowarding : Reach searchers on the go. Studies show users search on mobile devices differently than on desktops. By creating targeted mobile search campaigns, running PPC ads on mobile devices can generate conversions never before possible.

Sea Frowarding : Create mobile compatible display ads with mobile enhanced content. Ads are created specifically for mobile devices and developed to capture the attention of users on the go. QR Codes: QR (quick response) codes provide a connection between the physical and the online world. QR codes are scanned by smartphones and can display information such as coupons, links to a site, daily specials, favorable reviews, and more.

Sea Frowarding : Use location to increase the relevance of your ads and provide location-specific information on mobile phones. Whether you're offering check-in specials on Foursquare or directing customers to the nearest retail location through your mobile website, incorporating locations can help you provide a better service.