Custom Clearance:Within each Easyways Freights office is a team of Customs experts qualified to process the Customs clearance of all shipments being exported from and imported into the EU. Our Clearance facilities are linked directly to all major Indian ports. This provides for an efficient and confidential clearance process.

Export clearance (commercial goods):In order to process export clearance, all that we require is a copy of your commercial invoice, your IEC number and the Commodity Code. If you are unsure about the Commodity Code, we will be able to assist you with this. We will simply need a full description of the goods, confirmation of what the goods are to be used for, and what the goods are made from.

Export clearance (non-commercial goods / personal effects):The process of export clearance for non-commercial goods is fairly straightforward. All that we require is a copy of a packing list detailing the contents of your packages/items and written confirmation of your EU and destination addresses, and contact information.

Import clearance (commercial goods):Import clearance is necessary for all goods entering the EU. It is likely that Customs Duty and VAT will be payable although there are some exceptions. In order to assist you with import clearance.